State police trooper suing over arrest report for judge’s daughter

Judge's daughter allegedly failed sobriety tests

BOSTON (AP) — A Massachusetts state trooper who claims he was ordered to alter a police report for the daughter of a judge to avoid embarrassing them is suing the agency.

The suit filed Tuesday in federal court says Trooper Ryan Sceviour responded to a car crash the evening of Oct. 16 in Worcester. He arrested the female driver after she allegedly failed field sobriety tests. The suit says she also indicated she had a heroin addiction.

The lawsuit says the woman is the daughter of a Massachusetts judge. Sceviour claims he was disciplined at state police barracks days after the arrest and ordered to remove references to the judge from the report.

A state police spokesman tells The Boston Globe Sceviour was wrong to include comments that weren’t relevant to the woman’s arrest.

The suit seeks damages.


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