Freezing temperatures could damage sprinklers and hoses

You should disconnect them from your faucets and store them indoors

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – As snow showers and cool temperatures are expected Tuesday night in the forecast, now is the time to address the impact of cold weather on sprinkler systems and hoses.

We’re finally feeling some cold weather and expecting temperatures below freezing over the next couple of nights.

If you want to have your hoses for another season, you should disconnect them from your faucets, drain them, and store them in a warm place indoors.

You should also shut off the water source to your outdoor faucet, and leave it open to prevent any water from freezing in it.

“If your water from your sprinkler system is not turned off and your back flow preventer is not opened up to let any residual water standing, anything above the ground will freeze and could split,” Gary Courchesne of G&H Landscaping explained.

It’s recommended to have a professional come out and winterize your sprinkler system.