West Springfield breakfast honors the service of local veterans

All proceeds from today's event will benefit scholarships for children and grandchildren of veterans

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Saturday, the Veterans Council of West Springfield hosted its 17th Annual Veterans Breakfast.

“You did what was called for.” These words resonated with dozens of veterans who attended the morning’s event, attended by those who risked their lives serving our country.

World War II veteran Edward C. Peck Jr. told 22News, “You didn’t go out making a hero of yourself by any means, but if it was required you did it.”

Veterans like 101-year-old Peck, a retired judge, are the true heroes, and the reason why so many people came out to show their appreciation.

Betty Mccabe-Pandolfi of West Springfield told 22News, “I’m here to support them, what they did. My father was in the World War.”

Veterans were awarded various honors, acknowledging everything they did to fight for our freedom.

Many veterans were given something they had never been given before. This year, for the first time ever, all veterans who attended this annual event and live in West Springfield received their breakfast for free.

Council president and West Springfield Veteran of the Year Robert Pomeroy told 22News, that’s the right way to honor our veterans. “I made the statement at our meeting last January that this year the breakfast was gonna be free. If it took a lot of work, that’s what we were gonna do.”

Generous donations helped make that possible. Proceeds from the breakfast will also benefit scholarships for children and grandchildren of veterans.

On Sunday morning, veterans and volunteers will place the stars and stripes at gravesites at St. Thomas cemetery, beginning at 9 o’clock.