“Thank You For Your Service”

A Look at the Movies

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – There’s one thing I’ve noticed about the current crop of war movies. They’re often more honest and forthright than movie of them used to be.

“Thank You for your Service” tackles the grim reality of soldiers returning home suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

They return home to a health system that’s not quite full prepared to help them deal with their emotional battle scars.

Miles Teller turns in a fine performance as the soldier with the wounds that don’t show. One of many who never counted on coming home with the kind of issues not apparent to the naked eye, but highly visible to his caring wife, Haley Bennett. She tells him, “You’re sick and I can’t do anything about it”.

“Thank You For Your Service” is always thoughtful and well meaning. The film carries a powerful message that’s all too real. Miles Teller continues to impress with one solid performance after another, but with the illness caused by his battle stress, comes the ultimate satisfaction that he’s never allowed to forget his heroism saving the life of a fellow soldier.

For some reason, “Thank You for your Service” hasn’t been attracting much of an audience, and that’s regrettable.

Here’s a timely, engrossing drama with something to say, and saying it with compassion. “Thank You For Your Service” earns its stripes with 3 stars.

You really should set aside a Saturday night to be inspired as well as entertained.

Rated R

1 hour 50 minutes

Miles Teller, Haley Bennett