Plans to install camera’s could help protect Springfield’s late night businesses

The measure requires city council approval

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – Criminals often target business that open late at night. A man was shot and killed at an all-night service station in Springfield’s North End Last May.

Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri and the City Council’s Public Safety subcommittee have proposed the installation of special security cameras that can be monitored at the police department, in real time.

The new proposal is patterned after Detroit’s “project green light.” The Springfield Police camera center already monitors 80 locations around the city. The expanded program could add hundreds more.

Springfield businesses could link security cameras to police department

“One of the biggest problems we have here is these cameras,” Commissioner Barbieri said. “They’re not pointed the right way. We don’t have access to hem while we’re in route. It’ll certainly enhance are response.”

The plan is to have the Motorola Company install the more sophisticated equipment that will allow the camera center to monitor businesses that remain open all night.

“They’re already using shot spotter, they’re using vigilant, they’re using all kinds of technology out there, we’re marrying it all together for them in one place,” Jim Charron, Motorola Project Manager said.

The measure requires city council approval.

The public safety subcommittee is currently working on a stepped up security ordinance.