Officer receives “Thank You” card after a motor vehicle stop

The Northampton Police Department said they appreciate the gesture and support

Credit: Northampton Police Department

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – A Northampton police officer received a token of appreciation, after a motor vehicle stop.

For most people, getting pulled over by police is stressful but instead of getting upset, one driver handed Officer Brent Dzialo a ‘Thank You’ card.

Officer Dzialo conducted a motor vehicle stop in downtown Northampton Thursday. He issued a written warning and in return, the driver handed Dzialo a thank you card.

Chief Jody Kasper told 22News the gesture made the officer’s day, “It’s a tense time right now in our country. I think there’s a lot of scrutiny on a lot of public servants, so anyone that takes the time to say, ‘hey, thanks for doing your job. We know it’s a tough job. We appreciate you,’ is great absolutely. We would always support that.”

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The Northampton Police Department told 22News, they appreciate the gesture and support.

Chief Kasper said the gesture made the officer’s day and when he returned to the station he couldn’t stop smiling.