Laced gummys send six students to the hospital


UPDATE (3:55pm) — All six students who ingested the drug-laced gummy bears are in stable condition.

IRVINGTON, AL (WKRG) — Three teens have been arrested after six high school students consumed drug-laced gummy bears and were sent to the hospital.

The teens, three males who are 14 to 17-years-old, are charged with distribution of a controlled substance.  The gummy bears are believed to have been laced with a stimulant, police said.

he Mobile County Public School System confirms to News 5 that six Alma Bryant High School students are being treated at a local hospital after a teacher noticed the students behaving in a strange manner.

Rena Philips, a spokesperson for the school system, says a teacher noticed the students appeared to be “loopy.” Officials say out of precaution they were transported for treatment and evaluation.

Tracey Smith, a mother to an Alma Bryant students, was lost for words when she spoke to News 5’s Allen Carter.

“I’m disappointed in one, the parents, and two, the school board,” said Smith.  “I don’t understand how they don’t know this is going on, but it is what it is.”

A News 5 viewer sent in video showing police, fire and an ambulance respond to the school.

The three arrested teens are not being identified.  They are not part of the group of six students who were hospitalized.