Foliage is past its peak in Franklin County

Many people weren't happy with the leaves' muted color display

SHELBURNE FALLS, Mass. (WWLP)- Franklin County is known for its fall foliage, but many people weren’t as happy with this year’s muted color display.

“There were some pretty trees. It wasn’t as bright as normal but I still liked it,” said Jon Manley of Goshen.

“Its later on in the season, the colors aren’t as vibrant, there aren’t strong reds, or oranges,” said Gerard of Burlington, MA.

Despite the colors not being as vibrant during this year’s foliage, one business on the Mohawk Trail still made more money than they did last year.

“Last year it was good, but it wasn’t as lasting as this years,” said Catie McKeown-Kindahl, Barista at Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters. “The foliage seems to be lasting longer.”

McKeown-Kindahal said they’ve had more tourists coming through their Shelburne Falls coffee shop in the past couple weeks. Many were from outside the U.S.

“Its not only the foliage they come for, but also the views and the people,” said Natalie Blais, Executive Director of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce. “It’s that sort of experiential tourism that Franklin County is really good at.”

Blais said there should be a lot of international tourists in Franklin County this weekend for the 23rd Annual Franklin County Cider Days, which includes cider tastings at orchards across the region.

Here’s a link with all the information on Franklin County CiderDays.