Halloween fright and magic in Salem

Over 200 thousand people are expected to visit Salem

SALEM, Mass. (CNN) – The site of the 1692 Witch Trials, Salem celebrates its spooky history each year with America’s biggest Halloween Party.

Thousands descend upon the quaint New England city each October to summon the spirits, dine with the dead, and immerse themselves in Halloween spookiness.

“Halloween is a time traditionally when the veil between the worlds is thin and the spirits of our ancestors and loved ones come to walk among us,” said Christian, a Salem visitor.

In Salem, Massachusetts, Halloween is the biggest celebration of the year.

“All eyes are on Salem on Halloween, all over the world,” said visitor Brian.

Over 200 thousand are expected to roam the historic, possibly haunted, streets for Salem’s haunted happenings festivities.

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll said, “People are dressed up, it’s a great holiday, Salem’s definitely the capital of Halloween-people are here to celebrate”

Notorious for the 1692 witch trials, Salem relies on the lessons of its tragic past to celebrate the spirit of individuality and togetherness.

“Salem is this welcoming place largely because what happened here in 1692, those witch trials that took place I think really left an indelible mark,” said Mayor Driscoll.

Home to a growing community of modern witches, the so-called “witch city” invites visitors to believe in magic.

“I think for me, Salem represents our ability to believe in magic again,” said Christian.

Celebrating old and new traditions alike.