Girl looking to join the Boy Scouts finally gets opportunity

DULUTH, Minnesota (CNN) –  Sally Churchill, an 8-year-old girl, has a dream to join an all-male organization…the boy scouts, following in her brothers footsteps.

“The boys told me about their camps and I said, I really want to join boy scouts,” said Sally.

Sally was a part of the girl scouts for one year before leaving to explore other options.

“It was a good experience, it was just a different experience,” said Robin Churchill, Sally’s mother.

Sally has watched her two-older brothers climb the ranks of the boy scouts and has even taken part in family events.

“She was involved in everything, we would go and she would do the same things as the boys do,” said Robin.

“These are the cars, and you can put stickers or whatever you want on it,” said Sally.

Events that include pine wood derby’s and outdoor adventuring.

“I just like camping, and they cook and they do a lot of stuff that I like,” said Sally.

“She got old enough to join cub scouts, she asked me, well should I continue on with cub scouts on with Haydens group or should I join my age group,” said Robin.

While Sally and her mother Robin say, girl scouts have a different focus.

Boy Scouts’ inclusion of girls draws both praise and criticism

Girl Scouts Chief Operating Officer Julie Svir-Peters says, the girls program measures up to the boys, “If you’re joining boy scouts because you want that camping adventure, or you want that fun, that adventure, that camping, that gold aware, that eagle award, you don’t need to join boy scouts of that, we have that right here.”

Though girls have the opportunity to join the boy scouts on a national level, the local councils have not yet adapted the recent ruling.

“I wouldn’t start at the boy scouts. I would start at probably a weed below in Cub scouts,” said Sally.

It may take some time for Sally to be an official member of the boy scouts, but she is hopeful and excited for when the time comes.

“I want to do all the camping, and they do widdleing, and they make stuff,” said Sally.

In historic change, Boy Scouts to let girls in some programs