Eastern Hampden County hit hardest in storm; Why?

Heavy rain, high winds moved through western Massachusetts Sunday into Monday

Viewer photo via ReportIt: Bunyan Road, Monson

(WWLP) – While each county in western Massachusetts had power outages on Monday, there was one area that stood out.

22News Storm Team Meteorologist Nick Bannin looked into why eastern Hampden County got hit the hardest.

East Longmeadow, Wilbraham among towns hardest hit by storm

Leaves have been changing and dropping over the past few weeks. Eastern Hampden County had the worst damage and outages partly because they had a lot of leaves left on the trees.

Areas north and west have seen the most leaf drop compared to areas south and east. More leaves on the trees helped to weigh down the branches and made it easier for those branches to come down onto power lines.

Viewer photo via ReportIt: Bunyan Road, Monson

Eastern Hampden County also saw the strongest winds of the storm. While the highest winds were over southeastern Massachusetts, eastern Hampden County was the area in our part of the state that was closest to the worst winds of the storm, with gusts reaching near 50 MPH.