Local organization continues to raise HIV/AIDS awareness

The New North Citizens Council monitors the Mason Square AIDS problem

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Once a year dozens of men and women in Springfield’s Mason Square neighborhood form a human chain to call attention to the impact of HIV/Aids in their community.

The 22nd annual “Human Chain” event was held at Mason Square Veteran’s Memorial.

Dozens of men and women remembered their friends and neighbors who were victims of HIV/AIDS.

They held hands to show the community their solidarity in the continuing struggle against the virus that causes AIDS.

“People still get infected, the same way as years ago,” Mabele Charif told 22News. “Sharing the needles and having sex without protection.”

The New North Citizens Council monitors the Mason Square AIDS problem. The council’s health educators keep up to date on the number of those with the virus.

“We have walk in services when individuals come in and they find ways to improve the quality of their lives, so that’s how we’re able to connect people with services,” Richard Johnson, a council member, told 22News.

Organizer plan to continue to form a human chain every year during AIDS Awareness Day, until education and testing along with the newest medicines eliminate HIV and AIDS.