Extreme weather and the town of Monson

Parts of the town have picked up more than 5" of rain

MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) – If you live in the town of Monson you’ve most likely experienced some extreme weather over the years.

Over the last few days western Massachusetts has been dealing with some very heavy rain.

Some of the heaviest rain has been falling in the town of Monson. There have been some reports of more than 5 inches of rain and it keeps coming down.

Over the years the town of Monson has been hit hard by all kinds of weather. Likely the most memorable was the June 1st tornado in 2011 that caused destruction and devastation throughout the town.

John Morrell has been the town’s highway surveyor for almost 48 years and he’s been through every kind of weather imaginable.

“Some big snowstorms, some heavy stuff, blizzards, floods, several floods, can’t remember all the dates. I thought I saw everything until the tornado hit us,” said Monson Highway Surveyor John Morrell.

In 1989 and then again in 2012 heavy rains and flooding washed out Beebee Road. Back in 2005 a home on Route 32 was moved off its foundation following major flooding.

“Monson’s got 44 square miles of area, you’ve got a lot of area to collect rain and you either going up a hill down a hill around a corner here in Monson and the center of the town is in a valley so all the water is coming down there and that’s what makes it a problem,” said John Morell.

Some good news, the rain did finally let up Thursday afternoon.

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