Attorney gunned down in front yard

The suspect recently lost a $5.75 million civil suit to a client of Pickert's firm.

(KSHB) Police are searching for the man suspected of gunning down a Kansas City attorney in his own front yard Wednesday.

Thomas Pickert, a well-known Kansas City lawyer, was shot and killed in his front yard in the Brookside area.

Neighbors said he had just walked his two sons to school when Pickert’s wife heard a gunshot and then discovered her husband outside.

Kansas City Police officers later found a white Chevrolet van believed to be the one they were looking for immediately after the shooting. The van was unoccupied.

DMV records show the van’s license plates are registered to David Jungerman, a defendant in a civil lawsuit Pickert and his firm recently won.

The lawsuit was filed in regard to a 2012 shooting. Two homeless men broke into Jungerman’s business and were believed to have been trying to steal copper. A silent alarm went off and Jungerman went to the building armed with an AK-47 and shot both men.

One of the men, Jeffery Harris, sued Jungerman after he lost his leg from the shooting. Pickert helped Harris win the lawsuit and Jungerman was ordered to pay $5.75 million.

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