2 medical surgeons answer questions on breast cancer

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and all this week 22News has been helping you to recognize the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and identifying the best options for treatment.

22News had medical professionals in studio to answer your questions. One viewer said she should have had her first mammogram last year but was too scared to make the appointment and wondered if the doctors had any advice for easing her fears.

Dr. Danielle Lipoff of Baystate Medical Center told 22News, “It’s scary to go in and put yourself at risk, what if they find something, what if i get called back, but the reason we do these mammograms and the reason we do them early is to find something before it becomes a cancer. The earlier we find these lesions the earlier we find these calcification on a mammogram the better we can determine if there’s something we can do to change their risk.”

Other questions that were answered are:

  1. What are the risk factors for getting breast cancer?
  2. What is being done to ensure all types of breast cancer are detected early through mammography?
  3. What are the symptoms of breast cancer and does everyone get the same symptoms?
  4. What are the oldest and youngest ages you can be diagnosed with breast cancer?
  5. What are the recommended screening test for women with dense breast tissue?

Watch the video above to for the answers of the questions and watch the Facebook videos below to see even more questions answered.

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