Two bridges flooded due to fallen leaves clogging storm drains

MONTAGUE, Mass. (WWLP) – Two bridges had minor flooding in Franklin County Wednesday morning.

Clogged storm drains caused flooding on the Saw Mill Bridge in Montague as well as a bridge in Millers Falls. The Saw Mill Bridge is located in Montague Center on Turners Falls Road.

Montague DPW Superintendent Tom Bergeron told 22News fallen leaves clogged the storm drains, causing the road to flood early Wednesday morning. He said the bridge had a few inches of water, but cars were still able to drive over it.

It only took them a few minutes to fix the problem.

“The leaves wash down and get in the drains and they get plugged and the water has no place to go. They clean off the drains and like anything else it goes away,“ said Bergeron.

Bergeron told 22News they had the same problem two years ago, when they fixed the problem by unclogging the bridge’s storm drains.

Bergeron said the clogged storm drains also caused flooding on a small bridge in Millers Falls.