Springfield WORKS creates online portal to assist in finding jobs

The system is expected to have more than 100 Springfield jobs for users to apply to

Springfield, Mass. (WWLP)- Springfield business leaders and The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston are launching an online job portal to help residents find work.

Springfield WORKS is a collaboration that helps create jobs in the region. They’ve created an interactive job portal to grow Springfield’s work force.

The portal will provide job seekers and current workers with skills training and a roadmap to available jobs.

Anne Kandilis, of Springfield WORKS told 22News the portal will provide people with the necessary skills employers are looking for.

“What skills are they looking for to get that job, and what do i need to do to get that job,” Kandilis said. “We made it very clear what those skills are and we created the training that links to where you can develop those skills.”

About 42 percent of Springfield residents ages 16 to 64 are unemployed. The portal is a way to make it easier to follow up on a job application.

“They don’t get a call back because HR departments are overwhlemed,” Springfield WORKS member Patrick Streck said. “Thousands of resumes come in and people don’t get a courteous response. This way people will know even before they apply how close they might be.”

The portal will use a point system so users can see how close they are to meeting the requirements for the job they’re applying for.
The system is expected to have more than 100 Springfield jobs for users to choose from.

You can find out how to access the portal on http://www.springfieldworks.net