So I slept in an axe murder house!

(WHO) What’s it like to spend a night at the site of a gruesome killing spree?

Iowa’s WHO Radio took its Van and Bonnie morning radio show to the Villisca Axe Murder House to find out.

The home is where the Josiah B. Moore family was killed in their sleep with an axe in 1912. Two adults, their four children, and two other sisters who were staying in the home all died. The person who committed this crime was never caught.

The house has long been rumored to be haunted, and many who’ve spent the night inside report strange and frightening occurrences.

“I wasn’t really ‘scared scared’, but it was kind of eerie, very eerie, especially with the wind blowing last night. We had the door blow open once,” said radio host Bonnie Lucas. “We did have some balls that we put out on the floor, in the middle of the floor, and three of them just took off all in different directions. That was kind of eerie.”

Other members of the crew reported more strange phenomenon.

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