Man facing charges after attempting to sell 3-foot lizard without permit

They can grow to be more than seven feet long

Photo courtesy Massachusetts Environmental Police Department

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A man was charged with possession of wildlife without a permit after trying to sell a three foot long lizard to an undercover officer he’d arranged to meet outside the Holyoke Mall.

Nile monitor lizards are illegal to possess in Massachusetts without a permit. They can grow to be more than seven feet long.

3-foot lizard recovered in attempted sale to undercover officer in Holyoke

“But then they started growing, they don’t know how to manage it, so they throw it on the road, they throw it in the wild,” Janet Crespo of Holyoke told 22News. “You shouldn’t have those animals, if they’re prohibited there must be a reason for it and they should respect the law.”

According to the state department of fisheries and wildlife, some wild animals can be kept in the state without a permit, but only if they meet certain requirements.

Those include things like not posing a danger to humans if accidentally released and accidental release won’t adversely impact the state’s ecosystem.