Corn maze horror turns real

(KUSA) Police in Littleton, Colorado are investigating a terrifying assault inside a Halloween corn maze.

A woman claims she was assaulted by a masked man posing as an employee inside the maze.

The woman was visiting the Chatfield Corn Maze when a man in all black, wearing a white mask, jumped out from the corn stalks and demanded she dance with him, touch him, or kiss him in order to pass.

The victim, identified as “Audrey” in the report, told police she was walking through the corn maze around 8:30 Saturday night with her cousins and some friends.

When Audrey tried to walk by the man, he stepped in front of her and would not let her pass without meeting his demands.

Audrey told police she thought the man was joking, but he would not move out of her way. As she got aggravated, the report states, she grabbed the man’s hand to dance with him.

According to the police report, she then tried to go around him and instead, the man “whipped her around,” threw her to the ground “forcefully” and then dragged her several feet by the hand.

The man in the mask let go of her just as one of her group approached and began confronting him.

The suspect said, “You paid for this,” according to Mark Techmeyer, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson.

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