Changes coming to Mega Millions lottery game

It'll cost you a dollar more to play Mega Millions soon

(WWLP) –  The Mega Millions lottery is changing, and not everyone is happy about it.

22News took our cameras to the Montgomery Street Pride Station where Mavis Wanczyk won that record breaking Powerball jackpot just two months ago, to see what lottery players think about the changes.
Beginning Saturday, there will be higher ticket prices – from $1 to $2. There will also be different jackpot odds, as they are adding 10 more red balls. The lottery says they’re also decreasing the number of white balls, making it easier to win a million dollars.

Along with the changes, the jackpots will start bigger and grow faster. People 22News spoke with were not excited.

“I don’t like it and I won’t play it based on the increase,” Daniel Williamson, of Springfield, said. “The chances of winning would be less. My chances of winning would be where it would be in my benefit so I just won’t play.”

Massachusetts is also adding the option to pay $3 for two jackpot-only entries that won’t be eligible for any other prizes and you won’t be able to choose your own numbers.