9-year-old football player banned from playing after using racial slur

Ludlow forfeited the game because they didn't have enough players

LUDLOW, Mass. (WWLP) – A peewee football player has been barred from playing after using a racial slur during a scrimmage in Ludlow.

A Ludlow Lions Youth Football player was ejected from a game against Amherst Sunday after calling an Amherst player the N word, according to Ludlow Youth Football’s director of coaching. The coach said the 9-year-old has been barred from peewee football for at least the next year.

“As a repercussion maybe he can join it back in middle school,” David Harris of Ludlow told 22News. “I think that’s probably appropriate. He shouldn’t be allowed to be on the field and make somebody else feel like lesser of a player.”

The director of coaching told 22News Ludlow forfeited the game because they didn’t have enough players, but Amherst agreed to a scrimmage.

He said shortly into the game, one of the players from the team of third and fourth graders used the racial slur during an argument, and the player was ejected.

The Youth Football Board evaluates banned players after a year, but the player may possibly never be allowed back at all.

Paola DaSilva, a Ludlow resident disagreed with the punishment, “Everybody grows up the way they’re taught, if you’re gonna blame somebody, then blame an adult. He’s a child, like grow up. You’re gonna ban a child from playing a game because he said something stupid? Come on people.”

The Ludlow youth football organization’s board sent an apology letter to the Amherst team following the incident.