Appeal hearing to reopen Granby gun club postponed

Gun club supporters came out in hopes the decision would be reversed

GRANBY, Mass. (WWLP) – An appeal hearing to reopen the Granby Bow and Gun Club’s rifle range has been postponed.

It was a packed room with people coming from as far away as Connecticut for Monday night’s hearing.

The town’s select board voted to shut down the club’s rifle range last month citing three building code violations, but the zoning board of appeals decided to postpone Monday night’s meeting, citing new information from the Gun Club’s lawyers they needed to review.

Gun club supporters came out in hopes the decision would be reversed.

“Isn’t really a zoning issue, its noise,” Paul Anderson told 22News. “We have several neighbors who feel that even though they live next to a club that’s been there since 1947, they’ve now decided that they don’t like it, and they’re trying to leverage the town.”

“Nobody who’s involved, even the people who have complained, are opposed to guns or shooting ranges, the problem is that use has increased so much, and the volume of the noise is just so loud now, they can’t go outside, they can’t sleep,” said Mark Bail, Chairman of the Granby select board told 22News.

Lawyers for the gun club protested the postponement. The zoning board of appeals did not say when they would reschedule.