Anti violence march held in the South End of Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Shootings were at the core of protest against violence Sunday afternoon by a determined group of Springfield activists.

They call themselves campaign non-violence and they protested the shootings and killings by making themselves visible marching through the South end of the city.

Reverend Lauren Holm from Bethesda Lutheran Church told 22News, “The violence in the city troubles us greatly, and certainly this year we’ve had 14 murders, last year at this time it was only 12, and we’re really upset about that.”

Robert Wayne Gasque from Springfield added what he would like to see done about the violence tha has overcome the city, “that someone would see and hear our efforts to nonviolence and stop it.”

Each member of this coalition of clergy and other concerned citizens carried a paper with the name of someone who lost their life through an act of violence.

This wasn’t the only anti violence demonstration in Springfield this weekend.

On Saturday dozens of men and women, most who lost a friend or loved one through violence, expressed their feelings with a march from Magazine Park through the old hill neighborhood.