Stop the violence march brings many looking to make an impact

The walk was attended by many who've suffered the loss of loved ones because of violence

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A hopeful sign for those fighting to stop violence in the city of Springfield.

Residents gathered at Magazine Park as they do every year, for the “Stop the Violence” march. Saturday’s walk was a somber one, attended by many who’ve suffered the loss of loved ones due to acts of violence.

Noemi Arguirineon, the mother of a son lost to an act of violence, told 22News, “I came out here today because on September 11th, my son was killed at Szot Park, and I think it’s important to stop the violence.”

Madeline Miranda, a Springfield resident, told 22News, “I watched my Nathaniel Acevedo, 12 years old, get fatally killed by a hit and run. And I want his voice to be heard and get justice.”

“I’ve lost a lot of friends the past few years because of violence and a couple of years ago, my brother,” said Louis Sacco. “And our kids deserve to be safe in the city.”

And so they became a visible force that they hope will have an impact on their neighborhoods.

The participants who came out Saturday provided their neighbors with a face to those who’ve lost friends and loved ones. An act to make it clear that the victims are more than just mere statistics.

Acts of violence have taken many loved ones, leaving behind heartsick family members, who hope to play some role in preventing future violence, sparing neighbors the heartache that they feel.