MA mom says daughter’s head shaved without permission

Robinson claims on Monday, the staff there took Tru to a barber shop or salon and had her hair completely shaved.

Photo Courtesy: WCVB/CNN

(WCVB/CNN) – A Massachusetts woman alleges her young daughter’s head was shaved without her permission, and now she’s demanding answers as to why.

A photo of Tru, a biracial seven-year-old with long, flowing hair before, and now after her hair was shaved against her will at the urging of the staff of the residential program where Tru lives.

Denise Robinson: “I’m very upset. I’m very upset. And I’m not going to stop being upset because I feel like my child was assaulted.”

Tru lives at the little heroes group home in Dracut, a residential home for children five to 11 years old with emotional and behavioral issues.

Denise Robinson claims on Monday, staff there took Tru to a barber shop or salon and had her hair completely shaved.

No permission given or asked for.

Denise Robinson: “To be honest with you, they made a game out of it. They gave her candy while they were cutting her hair. And after they cut her hair, and then they told her, oh, it will grow back straight, don’t worry.”

Robinson considers that racist. But the program insisted its part of their hygiene program, and that they could do it anytime that they wanted to.

Denise Robinson: “there was no hygenical reason for them to shave my child’s head. There was no head lice, there was no bed bugs, there was no what I refer to as rasta locks.”

In a statement, the group home says it is investigating what happened, adding that grooming decisions are based on several factors, including hygiene.

Denise Robinson says she wants her daughter moved into a different group home and wishes to meet with state child and family services officials.

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