Dakin Humane Society hosts Half Off adoption day

(WWLP) – You could tell by the crowd waiting to get into the Dakin Humane Society Animal shelters Saturday something special was going on.

Animal lovers went to Dakin to take advantage of the Half Off adoption fee being offered on Saturday.

Lynn Brisbois, who had adopted a Pomeranian almost a decade ago, decided the time was right to adopt a companion for her longtime pet.

“I’m so ready, he’s about 8 years old, we got him here eight years ago and I saw on the website, a Pomeranian, four Pomeranians here,” said Brisbois. “So I came yesterday to visit and I fell in love and I’m just hoping that he loves her and she loves him.”

The half off the adoption fee also brought animal lovers to Dakin’s Franklin county shelter in the town of Leverett