Alabama inmate executed

McNabb admitted to killing Gordon on the stand and apologized to his family.

(WSFA) An Alabama inmate who challenged the state’s execution drug method has been put to death for killing a police officer in 1997.

Torrey McNabb was executed Thursday night for his conviction in the 1997 murder of Montgomery police officer Anderson Gordon. McNabb was declared dead at 9:38 p.m. by lethal injection at Holman Prison in Atmore.

McNabb refused a final breakfast and dinner. He did not want prayer or a chaplain before, during or after the execution, and his final statement was directed at his family and the State of Alabama as they witnessed the execution.

“Mom and sis, look at my eyes. I’ve got no tears in my eyes. I’m unafraid,” said McNabb. He then cursed at the state saying, “I hate you.”

McNabb and his attorneys fought the execution all week. He got a short delay when, just minutes before he was to be put to death, his attorneys got notice from the Supreme Court that it was issuing a temporary stay in order to review their emergency request for a stay of execution.

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