Pet of the Week: Pear the guinea pig

In this edition of Pet of the Week, we were introduced to Pear, an 8-month-old guinea pig. Lee Chambers, Manager of Marketing & Communications at Dakin Humane Society, told us all about Pear and about other events going on at Dakin.

Name: Pear
Breed: Guinea pig
Age: 8 months old
Sex: Male
Color: Black and white

Say hello to Pear! This handsome fellow came to Dakin because his person was having health setbacks and couldn’t take care of him any longer. He’s one of the friendliest guinea pigs we’ve seen in a while and he enjoys being handled and interacted with.

Diet notes: Special guinea pig pellets are the basis of their diet (they eat about 1/8 cup daily). Timothy hay-based pellets are recommended for adults. Be sure your pet has access to hay at all times. You should also provide some small (bite-sized) amounts of fresh fruits and veggies, especially leafy vegetables, green peppers, peas, apple, blueberries, oranges and grapes. Kale and strawberries are excellent sources of Vitamin C, which guinea pigs can’t produce for themselves.

Cage notes: If you have multiple guinea pigs, allow for a minimum of 4 square feet of cage per pig, and be sure it’s a solid-bottom cage with a wire cover. No wire cage bottomsthey hurt a guinea pig’s feet! Also, don’t use glass aquariums because they don’t provide proper ventilation. Always keep the cage indoors and line the bottom of the cage with bedding. Don’t use cedar or pine chips, which contain dangerous oils. Be sure to give your pig a cave for sleeping and resting, like a medium-sized flower pot or covered sleeping box.

Guinea pig facts/tips:
Guinea pigs are known for their vocalizations. They often squeak with delight when their favorite humans enter the room
They rarely bite, but can nip if mishandled or fear a threatening animal
Once your pig is used to you (and being handled), you can let her play in a small room for daily exercise. Be sure to remove electrical wires and other hazards that she might chew on
Be sure to remove soiled bedding, droppings and stale food from the cage daily

Other Events

50% Off Adoption Fees for Small Pets at Dakin on Saturday, October 21!
You can adopt any non-dog/puppy or non-cat/kitten pet at Dakin for half the adoption fee on Saturday, October 21. Our Springfield Adoption Center will be open 12:30-5:30pm that day, and Leverett will be open 12:30-4:30pm. Dakin’s “smalls” include (based on availability) rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, ferrets, mice, rats, degus, chinchillas and gerbils.

November 10 – Paint Your Pet Party (BYOB). Join us at Dakin’s Springfield location at 6pm on November 10. You will paint a portrait of the pet of your choice, enjoying snacks we’ll provide (thanks to Paw Street Barkery). This is a BYOB event, so feel free to bring beverages of your choice. Your $50 fee includes a $10 donation to Dakin. Thanks also to the Art Cart for their generous support. More info and sign up here:

For more information about Dakin Humane Society, please visit