Bill proposed to ban insurance companies from blacklisting certain dog breeds

Pit bulls, German Shephers, Rottweilers among breeds deemed "aggressive"

Stella from Northampton

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – State lawmakers are pushing to ban insurance companies from denying coverage or increasing your premium based on the breed of dog you own.

Under Massachusetts law, towns can’t discriminate based on the type of dog you own, but insurance companies can.

Insurance companies argue that dog bites are their single biggest expense.These companies often will refuse homeowners insurance coverage or increase your premium if you own a dog deemed to be a more aggressive breed like a Pit Bull or German Shepherd.

Jane Savage of Northampton has a pit bull named Stella. She says it’s not about the breed, but rather how they are treated.

“I remember when we first got a pit bull,” Savage said. “I had to change insurance and they could only find one insurer that would cover the dog. I don’t think it’s necessary to condemn all the big dogs.”

Savage loves Pit Bulls so much this is her second one.

Insurance companies say homeowners should disclose what type of breed they own, just like they disclose if they have a swimming pool, trampoline or wood stove.