Proposal would create a registry for potential candidates for local boards

The bill is currently under review by the committee on regulatory oversight

BOSTON (WWLP) – Lawmakers heard from the public on more than 30 bills dealing with regulatory oversight, including updating procedures for boards and commissions.

One proposal would create a Registry of Available Volunteer Board and Commission Members for appointment.

Under the bill, all winning and losing candidates for any elected public office in Massachusetts may be included in a list of potential appointees.

Winchester resident Vincent Lawrence Dixon, who lost an election for local office but was later asked to be on a local board, filed the petition.

He said the bill could help improve the state’s boards and commissions, and recruit capable and interested individuals.

“The registry that has been proposed in this legislation welcomes in the significant number of local candidates that may well bring important perspectives,” Dixon told the committee.

The bill is currently under review by the state’s Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight.