Ware students recognized for multiple achievements; not just honor roll

The superintendent said honor roll students are being recognized, but it’s not just for academic

WARE, Mass. (WWLP) – A parent from Ware raised concerns about the town’s middle school not recognizing  students who make honor roll.

Superintendent Dr. Marlene Di’Leo told 22News honor roll students are being recognized, but it’s not just for academics.

“There are a number of programs going on that work to deal with not only academics, but behavioral, social, emotional aspects also,” said Superintendent Dr. Marlene Di’Leo.

The change happen about two years ago, when the upper elementary school, that serves grades 4- 6, received a new principal.

“Students are being recognized and it’s not just for academics,” Superintendent Dr. Di’Leo told 22News. “When we think of honor roll, it’s the academic piece. So we wanted to be able to recognize kids for the different aspects that go on a daily basis, underneath the roof of the school building.”

One program is called “Filling Your Bucket.”

Students receive tickets for doing good deeds and at the end of week, they get a reward.

Another program is the “Six Pillars of Character,” where kids are honored monthly for demonstrating respect, responsibility, and empathy towards others.

A parent, who declined to be on camera said, kids should be solely recognized for their academics.

“Sense of pride of being individually recognized and that can sometimes push people and create drive for them to be successful,” said the parent.

Superintendent Dr. Di’Leo told 22News, every marking quarter, honor roll students receive a marking on their report card indicating their status.

Di’Leo said at the end of the school year, the school has a big celebration to recognize honor roll students.