Proposal would allow local governments to restrict police purchase of military equipment

The Trump Administration lifted restrictions on military equipment for local police

BOSTON (WWLP) – The Trump Administration recently rolled back an Obama-era policy restricting military equipment for local police.

But a bill in the State House would require local law enforcement to get a vote of approval from the local governing board before they can even apply for military-grade equipment.

Under the bill, any transfers of military-grade equipment from a federal agency to local law enforcement or federal funding to buy such items will have to get local approval.

Local law enforcement would have to notify the governing board of their application for military-grade equipment or related funding, including a list of supplies.

The board would hold a hearing allowing the public to have their voices heard on the issue. “The idea here is to provide some reasonable boundaries around this process rather than to enact a strict prohibition,” State Senator Michael Barrett explained.

The state’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee is currently reviewing testimony on the bill before making recommendations.