What you need to know to take care of your lawn this fall

The weather has been bazaar hot, warm, more like early September weather.

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Some people have been taking advantage of warm temperatures to get yard work done. We are less than a month into fall but you are running out of time if you still need to do lawn care.

The weather has been bazaar, hot, warm and more like early September weather. Besides the lack of rain, the warm and dry weather has allowed some homeowners to get some lawn care done over the past couple of weeks. The beginning of the fall season is the best time for your lawn’s development to make it healthier and stronger.

Once overnight temperatures drop down into the 30’s, the soil temperature will cool down and growing new grass will be difficult. The soil and air temperature needs to be warm for seeds to germinate. 22News talked with G&H Landscaping that gave a list of things you should be getting done this fall. Gary Courchesne said, “People need to start thinking now if they are going to seed, get seeding done within the next week and there is still plenty of time for fall fertilizer you can fertilize right through the end of November into early December.”

You should also be paying attention to how tall your grass is. Weather permitting you want to gradually lower the height of your grass through the fall season, you should also be aerating your lawn to let air and nutrients to get in the root zone. Now is the time to let your lawn grow deeper, stronger roots for next season, and reserve nutrients to survive the winter.