Photos: Holyoke Police Department in Puerto Rico

(WWLP) – A 22News viewer emailed photos of the Holyoke Police Department in Puerto Rico helping law enforcement there with Hurricane Maria recovery.

“These men are from Holyoke Police Department making a difference in Puerto Rico by bringing people food and water. Please give them the support they deserve for serving our country and being great role models to our city.” 22News viewer Emil Morales

In all, 69 Massachusetts police officers are headed to Puerto Rico. They are fulfilling a request for assistance that the U.S. territory made through the Emergency Management Assistant Compact, which allows states to coordinate disaster aid.

The deployed officers are going to be on two week rotations, and will be helping Puerto Rican law enforcement maintain curfews and the overall safety of the island.

“We have deep roots to Puerto Rico, and anything the Holyoke Police Department can do to help out the citizens of Holyoke, and for that matter those in Puerto Rico, we’re happy to do,” Neiswanger said. “My officers are looking forward to going down and and making a difference down in Puerto Rico.” – Holyoke Police Chief James Neiswanger

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