North End baseball game benefits Hurricane Maria victims

Chestnut Academy sold baked goods and water with all proceeds going to victims

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield residents came together for a charity baseball game Thursday night to raise money to support hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.

Police officers, teachers and students from Chestnut Academy Middle School took the field to raise money for an island in need. It was kids vs. adults at Kenefick Park in Springfield. Although it was a game of friendly competition, everyone was playing for a common cause.

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After seeing the destruction in Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria, Chestnut Academy Middle School intern Kayla Lingel wanted to plan a fundraiser to support those in need on the island.

Lingel told 22News that due to the sports high popularity among Puerto Ricans, she thought baseball was the best way to bring everyone together.

“A lot of Students at Chestnut Academy are either from Puerto Rico or have family members in Puerto Rico, so we thought a baseball game would be a fun way to get the community together such as the C-3 police and the Brightwood Medical Center,” Lingel told 22News.

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Although it was free to play in Thursday’s game, Chestnut Academy sold baked goods and water with all proceeds going to the victims of Hurricane Maria.

Springfield police Sgt. Julio Toledo told 22News that the game strengthened the relationship with the Springfield community and those with families in Puerto Rico.

“We’re trying to build relationships and build bridges in the north end of Springfield,” said Sgt. Toledo. “We took this time to raise funds for the people in Puerto Rico who are struggling right now because of the Hurricane.”

Lingel told 22News the money raised will go directly to those affected by Hurricane Maria.