Dr. Seuss mural continues to be divisive

Dr. Seuss mural at the Springfield Museum (WWLP)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Plans to change a controversial mural at the Dr. Seuss museum are still underway.

Dr. Seuss enterprises has decided to remove the mural from the museum but they have not decided where the mural will go.

Authors: Dr. Seuss mural “is obviously offensive in 2017”

Kasey Callendar, a Springfield resident told 22News even he doesn’t find the mural offensive, he understands the decision to take it down.

“I personally don’t find it offensive, but if there is enough people who are offended by it then they should take it down,” Callendar told 22News.

Plans to replace controversial Dr. Seuss mural still underway

The Dr. Seuss Museum said they will be replacing the mural with pictures from Dr. Seuss’s later works.