Wildfires in Napa Valley could raise the price of wine

Any increase in wine prices likely wouldn't be noticed until January

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Intense and fast spreading wildfires have torched 170,000 acres in California’s wine country.

The Napa Valley area grows a large part of the country’s grapes, but vineyards are burning.

Even some local wineries source their grapes from California to make certain wines. And it could lead to a price increase of a couple of dollars per bottle.

Table and Vine in West Springfield told 22News that any increase likely wouldn’t be noticed until January.

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About a third of their wine sold is from California. But they have strong buying power to keep the price as low as possible.

“So if you are making wine in Chile similar to a California wine and a California wine goes up $2, you might go up $1,” Wine Sales Manager Michael Quinland explained. “So I think it could have a great impact on our overall business and the overall state of wine in the world.”

Quinlan also told 22News that a lot goes into pricing a bottle of wine including the cost of the label, bottle and cork itself.

The fires in California have so far killed 21 people and forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands as the winds continue to spread the flames.