Update on I-91 reconstruction through Springfield

Dates can change due to weather delays

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Progress continues to be made on the elevated portion of I-91 in Springfield.

Multiple overnight road and exit closures on I-91 in Springfield

If you have traveled on either side of I-91 recently, you may have noticed a majority of the new highway lighting has been installed and barrier work is nearing completion. MassDOT spokesman Patrick Marvin provided 22News with an update Wednesday on the reconstruction project.

I-91 South

Marvin told 22News paving on I-91 South is scheduled to be completed on Wednesday. From there, Marvin said crews will begin to transition into Stage 3 of the project, in which traffic patterns will shift so that I-91 South traffic is diverted to the right, and I-291 traffic to the left.

During this stage, an anti-weave barrier will be constructed at Exit 7, which will prevent drivers entering I-91S from I-291 from weaving over all the lanes of I-91 to take the exit.

Exit 6 is expected to be reopened to drivers by early November.

I-91 North

Marvin said paving on the northbound side of the highway will resume at the end of October. All bridge paving is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of November.

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