Salmon Piccata with Little Mark’s Big BBQ

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – It’s the perfect recipe for a date night in! George Giotsas, owner, chef, and pitmaster of Little Mark’s Big BBQ showed us how to make salmon piccata.

Salmon Piccata


Skin on salmon filets (skin off is ok too)
Light olive oil
Artichoke hearts
Sherry Wine
Sea Salt and pepper
Parsley flakes


Heat up the oil in a pan
Dry off your salmon with a towel
Coat with sea salt and pepper

Place the salmon skin side down in the pan when hot
Cook for about 3 minutes and flip
Cook for about another 2 minutes
Take out the salmon and let it rest
Add your capers and artichoke hearts to the pan
Hit it with some sherry wine
Hit it with some lemon
Add the butter to thicken up the sauce
Put the sauce on the plate
Put your salmon on top of the sauce skin side up

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