Make sure your fall and winter equipment is in good working order

The average snowfall for October is a tenth of an inch

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – We are a little less than a month into fall and now is a good time to make sure your fall and winter appliances are tuned up.

Most people have been using their lawn mowers by this time but if you haven’t already, tuning it up is a good idea.

You don’t want your grass to get too long. As we continue through fall, you’ll want to gradually lower your grass height.

22News talked with Gary Courchesne of G&H Landscaping who said you can tune up your lawn mower more than once in one season.

“If it needs it, do it once the season ends,” Courchesne explained. “Then think about, instead of putting your mower away, get it serviced at that time. Then you’re ready to go for the next year.”

The warmer temperatures might have distracted some people from thinking of winter, but getting your snow blower tuned up now isn’t a bad idea either.

Average snowfall for October is a tenth of an inch, but we have seen snowstorms in the past.