Lawmakers considering bill to pay off outstanding debt

The proposal calls for western Massachusetts appropriations

BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow the state to pay off outstanding bills from last year for agencies and programs.

Fiscal 2017 ended in June, but three months later, lawmakers are considering a $123 million supplemental spending bill for the year. The House approved the bill Wednesday.

The proposal calls for western Massachusetts appropriations, including $150,000 for the Hampden County District Attorney and $30,000 for the Holyoke Soldiers Home.

Other appropriations deal with agencies that provide statewide services, including the executive offices of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Public Safety and Security, and the Department of Transportation.

State Representative John Velis, (D) Massachusetts said, “Now we’re trying to do just that, supplement programs that are out there that may be a little short as far as the money that they need so this is to just give them some of the money they need to get through the year.”

The bill must be approved by both chambers and get the Governor’s signature before it can become law.