Installation of green energy storage facility on Mt. Tom underway

Installation for the energy storage facility is expected to be finished by April 2018

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Plans to create the largest utility-scale energy storage installation in Massachusetts are underway. This energy project will benefit residents in Holyoke.

Right across from the Delaney House in Holyoke, you will find a three megawatt energy storage system which began operation in January.

As part of Massachusetts’ Peak Demand Management Program, Holyoke Gas & Electric was awarded a resources grant of $475,000 from the Masachusetts Department of Energy.

This project will help to stabilize rates for Holyoke Gas & Electric customers over the next 20 years.

“This benefits the residents and rate payers in Holyoke,” Communications Director Kate Sullivan said, adding that it’s “really part of our commitment to keep rates stable in Holyoke and provide renewable energy.”

The company in charge of the installation, Green Charge, expects to be finished by April 2018, just in time for the peak summer months.

Summer months are usually when capacity costs are the highest.