Halloween decorations at Sudbury home taken too far?

Some may find the video disturbing

SUDBURY, Mass. (WWLP) – A home in Eastern Massachusetts is being accused of taking Halloween decorations too far.

(CAUTION: Some may find the video disturbing)

A home in Sudbury Massachusetts put up a man hanging himself from a tree as part of their holiday decorations.

Massachusetts homeowner criticized for disturbing Halloween decorations

The display looks so real. Police said they’ve received multiple calls. Parents here in western Massachusetts said certain displays could be too much for little kids.

“The blood gruesome things, like maybe that would like creep out kids, and like make them not want to go to a house,” Jose Rivera of West Springfield told 22News. “I mean I probably wouldn’t want to bring my 3-year-old around there, it depends on the age group I guess.”

Parents told 22News they don’t tend to see too many gruesome decorations in popular trick or treating neighborhoods like Forest Park.