The cast of Dynasty talks about the show

The cast of Dynasty with WISH reporter Phil Sanchez. (

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Dynasty, the hit soap opera from 1980s, is making a come back.

Our sister station WISH’s Phil Sanchez took a the trip out to Hollywood to speak with the cast.

“Before I even read for it, I was like, ‘oh, this is mine, I’m taking it nobody else can have it,’” Grant Show said about nabbing the role of Blake Carrington.

Grant Show has been on television for decades. The former Melrose Place star said he was excited to revive the role and to work with co-star Nathalie Kelley who plays Krystle Flores.

“I think the challenge is filling such iconic shoes, and wanting to do it right, and give it justice and make it fresh and modern and it’s a fun challenge, you know,” Kelley said.

And they do it well. The show is set in modern-day Atlanta and follows two of America’s wealthiest families.

“I think it’s a fun, entertaining show, but I think the interesting part about is there is so much substance. In the first episode, we talk about fracking and energy and there’s dialogue about immigration and these are important things that we need to be discussing now as a society.” Kelley added

And even though Show has been well known in Hollywood for a long time, he still had to audition for the part. He said it was worth the time spent trying to nab the role.

“Up until the very last one, we call it a network test, you go in with one or two other people and they’ll have a week to tell you, up until then you go in do your job and go home, that last one is brutal though,” Show said about the audition process.

Dynasty airs Wednesdays, beginning October 11, at 9PM on The CW Springfield.