Controversy over the Dr. Seuss Museum mural

Three authors called it a "jarring racial stereotype" and threatened to boycott an event at the museum

Dr. Seuss mural at the Springfield Museum (WWLP)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A mural at the Doctor Seuss museum at the Springfield quadrangle will be removed after complaints that the mural portrayed a “jarring racial stereotype”.

80 years after Doctor Seuss published his first book, “and to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street”, one of the illustrations inside is coming under scrutiny.

The mural depicts an illustration of a Chinese character, and The Springfield Museums and Doctor Seuss Enterprises said they would be taking it down after three authors called it a “jarring racial stereotype” and threatened to boycott an event at the museum because of it.

Decision to remove controversial mural from Dr. Seuss Museum

“Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno criticized the author’s comments, and the decision to take down the mural”.

A statement on behalf of doctor seuss enterprises, who runs the late author’s estate, said quote “Dr. Seuss’s own story is a story of growth, with some early works containing hurtful stereotypes to later works like the sneetches and Horton hears a who which contain lessons of tolerance and inclusion”.

They said because of this, Dr. Seuss Enterprises and the Springfield museums decided to listen to the concerns of the authors and fans and take down the Mulberry street mural.

Springfield residents 22News spoke with, said they wanted to see the mural remain. “Why take Doctor Seuss down? Doctor Seuss has been a part of American history since I was even a kid. I read his books. I think everybody is just getting too offended over stuff that is part of history” said, William Turner of Springfield.

Dr. Seuss enterprises said the mural would be replaced with one that shows the characters and messages from the author’s later works, but one Springfield resident said Seuss’s early illustration should still be represented.

Francisco Badea of Springfield told 22News. “I don’t think they should take it down first of all, because it speaks about the history and where it came from, and the times at that specific moment when that was created. How things were viewed compared to how we view things today”.

Doctor Seuss enterprises said removing the mural is what Dr. Seuss would have wanted them to do. The museum has not yet said when the mural will be removed.