Northampton dog owners could soon have their very own dog park

Northampton's new dog park would be the largest in New England

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP)- Northampton has no dog park, but that could change next year.

A Hatfield woman wants to build a “members-only” dog park.

“It’s something that I really believe in,” said Sarah Schatz, Founder of Waggin’ Trails Dog Park.  “Basically I know how much this area needs it. There are no parks within 20 miles of Northampton. We will be the largest dog park in New England.”

Sarah calls her idea “a YMCA for dogs.” Members would pay $365 a year to use the facility for up to two dogs. Dog owners could also purchase monthly and daily passes.

The dog park would be located on Glendale Road in Florence. It would cover 36 acres. The total cost of construction; about 1 million dollars. Waggin’ Trails Dog Park would include a dog pool, a training area, a porch, and plenty of space to walk and run your dog.

“I currently live right across from Look Park and there are a lot of people who walks their dogs there, but I think they will have more space on the new location,” said Ruth Wade of Northampton

Sarah is waiting on the Northampton Planning Board to approve her permit.

“Our responsibly is to ensure all the documentation has been submitted,” said Carolyn Misch, Permits Manager for the Northampton Planning Department.  “The planning board is really the body that will be making the decision.”

Sarah said she expects to close on the property in November and hopes to open her facility in the summer of 2018. The Planning Board will decide whether to approve Sarah’s permit application at their meeting Thursday, October 12th.