Westfield’s Materas To Race ACT Tour At The Thompson Sunoco World Series Of Racing

The ACT Tour will be one of 18 divisions racing next weekend

Photo: Jared Materas (13) racing his late model at Thompson: Photo Credit: Matt Wiernasz

THOMPSON, CT-  Westfield’s Jared Materas will race in the 75 lap ACT Tour (American Canadian Tour) Late Model event next Saturday in the 55th annual Sunoco World Series Of Racing at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park.  Materas told 22News he loves this race because he is racing with the best of the best late model racers and teams in the Northeast.

“The series is a class act and well run. To be able to be apart of that and compete at that level is is something I look forward to all year long. Last year we unfortunately had some bad luck and got wrecked in the heat race so our objectives this year is to first make the race, run all the laps, and come out with a good finish.” Materas Said

The Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park Late Models follow under the ACT Tour rules. Former ACT Tour President Tom Curley always kept the cost affordable for competitors and a few years ago a lot of the tracks in the Northeast and parts of Canada had their weekly late model division race under ACT Tour rules and you could race the car anywhere. Materas told 22News he believes it is the best part of running one of these cars.

” The fact that they try to make it the most cost effective as possible and equal as possible is another huge selling point.  When you can run four or five different tracks all within two hours of each other with one car on a weekly basis, it brings out the best competition and puts on a great show for fans.” Materas Said

Back in May,  the racing world lost one of the best racing promoters ACT Tour President Tom Curley.  Curley was all apart of putting on the best show for the fans and had all the business approach.  Curley would be strict with his rules but always fair. Materas told 22News he had the up most respect for Tom Curley. and everything he has done to put late model racing in the Northeast on the map.

” He was the epitome of what short track racing is all about.  He had a no nonsense approach, an understanding from both a racer’s and fan’s point of view and his for the sport is what separates the ACT Tour from the rest. It is clear to me that this is a winning formula because look at how many other tracks have adopted his philosophy and run the same rules package that he has put together. I am honored to even say I met him and was able to compete in the series he built.” Materas Said

Materas started off his 2017 season at the Thompson Icebreaker with a pretty good car and some good luck on his side and finished in sixth place.  From that point on, he struggled some with the car and that bad luck came back and bit the team. He missed races due to scheduling conflicts and getting caught up in wrecks, Materas and the team have been working hard to get the car back to where it was.  He told 22News with such little practice time and few resources, it takes the him and the team a couple of races to find the sweet spot with the car.

” I feel like at the last race after a couple of in race adjustments. We we’re very close to where we needed to be and then a broke a rear trailing arm under caution. I guess that’s the silver lining is the parts failure happened under caution and not at speed. I am hoping that our biggest “up” of the season had yet to come and that will come to fruition next Saturday night.” Materas Said

With depending on how many ACT Tour cars show up and how many of the Thompson Late models decide to race the next day and how many make the field for the 75 lap event. Materas told 22News the competition at such a high level and the cars so equal to each other.  It is always a challenge and difficult especially if he started in the back.

” I think it will be challenging but I also thing that we will have a car that is more than capable and a crew that is going to make the right changes and not give up. I am confident in the knowledge and hard work between my father (John Materas), Rob Russell, and the boys from RRC, that we will have a car that is more than capable of making the show and being competitive.” Materas Said

The ACT Tour will be one of 18 divisions racing next weekend at the 55th annual Sunoco World Series of Racing at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. They will be apart of the Saturday program with practice, qualifying heats, and the race.