Unclaimed jewels, coins, historical items going up for auction

Auction will begin this weekend

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Unclaimed from safe deposit boxes for more than nine years, they are about to be put up for bid: jewelry, coin collections, even rare correspondences signed by the late President John F. Kennedy. Browsers and possible bidders checked them out in the lobby of the Springfield State Office Building Thursday.

Maria Patakis of Wilbraham fell in love with some jewelry.

“Oh, some of the pieces look like Elizabeth Taylor could have owned them. Beautiful diamonds, sapphires; it looks like probably platinum,” Patakis said.

Peggy Firinne’s interest lies elsewhere, in the backstory before these precious pieces became unclaimed property.

“To think about what people have left and the story behind it. To think they left something in locked boxes and didn’t come back,” Firinne said.

Over the years, the state treasurer’s office has accumulated some odd acquisitions; resulting in more eccentric bidding wars.

“We had a gentleman down in Texas that bought a bar of gold for $75,000, and he uses it as a doorstop,” Assistant State Treasurer Mark Bracken said.

The bidding on eBay starts Saturday at noon. All of this will be displayed on eBay before the bidding begins. The bidding continues for two months, adding additional items.