Pet of the Week: Kaiser Roll

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – You read that right, our Pet of the Week is named after the German bread – and he is just the cutest little meatball. Kaiser is 5 years old, and is most likely a Mastiff Terrier and Pit Bull mix. Dakin Humane Society Marketing Manager Lee Chambers and his current foster home owner, Ann Hurlburt, came to tell us more about Kaiser.


Kaiser Roll is a sweetheart of a fellow!  He thinks he’s a lap dog and loves to give sloppy kisses.  He’s best in a home where he’s the only pet, and he will enjoy hanging out on the couch with you, going for hikes and being your best pal.  This boy is crate trained, and his favorite game is “fetch.”  He came to Dakin because his person was going into the military and couldn’t bring him along.  He told us that he loved Kaiser the most because of his “happy personality.”  Kaiser is currently in foster care, but you can call 413.781.4000 to set up an appointment to meet this charming guy.


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Fosters are Needed for Dakin Pets!

Every summer and early fall, the pet population at Dakin is at its highest.  This year, with Dakin bringing in so many pets from hurricane-affected areas, we have lots of animals who need foster care.  Please consider joining our team of terrific foster caregivers.  Pets need foster care for a variety of reasons, sometimes it’s medical, sometimes it’s behavioral (the shelter environment might be too noisy for them and create stress).  If you’d like to be a hero to a Dakin pet who needs a loving home for just a little while, you can be a foster caregiver.  Send your name and phone number to, and we’ll contact you when the next Foster Orientation is scheduled.


Helping Animals From Hurricane-Affected Areas – What You Can Do!

Dakin has brought up 83 pets from hurricane-ravaged areas in the south, and now we have helped with the evacuation process of shelter animals in Puerto Rico.  It’s important to note that in each case we took in animals that were already in shelters.  This created empty cages in those hurricane-affected areas so the animal caretakers could focus on pets who had become displaced due to the storm.  This past Tuesday night, a dedicated team of 5 people from Dakin returned from St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey where they spent several days tending to shelter dogs and cats that had been flown out of Puerto Rico.  So, what can you do to help animals? 

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